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At SVSU, we celebrate, advocate for, and support our Cardinals in everything they want to accomplish. We invite you to explore all that SVSU has to offer and look forward to helping you discover how 云顶国际 fits you best.  Everything you need to know can be found 在这里.


如果你 need further guidance beyond what you find on this page, please contact us at our office email (admissions@free-mood.net)或电话/短信(989-342-1033).  Our 云顶国际办公室 is open for business in person to answer all of your questions. 祝你今年愉快! 


  • 简单的 请填写这张表格 to get in contact with your personal admissions representative. We look forward to speaking with you soon! 

  • 2分的学生.75 cumulative high school GPA will receive automatic admission to SVSU.
  • 2级以下学生.75 cumulative high school GPA will be reviewed using other criteria. We may ask you to submit additional documents as needed after your application is submitted.
  • Once we have all requested documents on file, it typically only takes about two weeks for you to receive an admission decision.
  • 在你毕业的时候, we will require a final high school transcript with your graduation date printed on it, 和/或你的毕业证书复印件.

  • All we need beyond an application is your official high school transcript. They can be sent directly to 云顶国际 through 羊皮纸.
  • 羊皮纸 isn’t the only electronic service to utilize. We also accept transcripts from: National Student Clearinghouse, eScript, SCOIR, & 凭证.
  • Official transcripts can be emailed by your High School Counselor. 电子邮件 transcripts@free-mood.net 或传真至(989)790-0180.  

  • SVSU does not use test scores for admission or the majority of our scholarships. 然而, we still encourage students to send their SAT/ACT scores because we use them for placement into your first year English and math courses so that we can put you in the classes that are right for you.
  • 如果你 do not have/send your test scores, you should schedule placement testing with our 测试中心. 如果你 do not send your scores or take a placement test, you will be place in remedial course work for reading, 写作和数学.


  • Request your scores via the ACT testing site or 美国大学网站. SVSU's SAT code is 1766 and ACT is 2057.
  • T在这里 is a fee associated with sending your scores directly from ACT or CollegeBoard, 然而, you can download your score report as a PDF file and email it directly to admissions at transcripts@free-mood.net  

  • SVSU has moved to test-optional admission.
  • Test-optional admission at SVSU means that you do not need to submit a SAT/ACT score to be considered for admission or scholarships. Sending in a test score will never disadvantage you for admission or scholarships.
  • We highly recommend you send us a copy of your SAT/ACT score to add to your admission file. Having those scores will help us build a class schedule for you during your first semester at SVSU. 如果你不提供考试成绩, you will either be required to take our basic skills testing at SVSU prior to orientation or you will automatically be placed in the lowest remedial couse-work in english and math subjects. Some private scholarships may also require a test score for consideration.
  • 取决于你的GPA, you may be required to participate in our College Transition Program to ensure a successful transition from high school to college. 如果你 choose to send in an SAT/ACT, it may allow you to “test out” of this freshman year program.
  • You do not need to indicate on your application for admission whether you plan to send SVSU a score or not. 
  • SAT/ACT scores can be added to your file at any time and can either be sent officially through CollegeBoard.org或ACT.org. Unofficial score reports with your full name clearly identified on the report can also be emailed to transcripts@free-mood.net.

  • 没有申请费!  点击这里 今天免费申请.
  • SVSU’s application opens on July 1 for the following year. The best time to apply is between your Junior & 大四.
  • Our “Rolling Admission” means that we will accept your application at any time during the year as long as you have completed at least six semesters of high school.
  • All we need beyond your application is your official high school transcript! They can be sent directly to 云顶国际 or requested through 羊皮纸. You can always ask your counselor for help.

  • After your application has been reviewed, you will receive an admissions decision letter in the mail. Admitted students will want to make sure to keep your letter safe because it will include your SVSU student ID number and your SVSU email/username.
  • Admitted students will also want to check out our 下一个步骤 website to see step-by-step instructions on how to activate your account, 资助你的教育, 登记方向, 和更多的!

  • SVSU has worked hard to create multiple options for you and your family to explore our campus! We are still offering individual on-campus tours in a safe and secure manner.  点击这里 安排你今天的校园参观!
  • 如果你’d rather meet with an admissions representative virtually, you can schedule a one-on-one appointment. 点击这里 to check out our visit page and sign up today!  我们期待很快与您见面!

  • 点击这里 to see what scholarships you may be awarded! 
  • 我们的简单 测试成本 has made it easier than ever to estimate how much it may cost you to attend SVSU. 来看看!
  • SVSU has the lowest 4-year tuition in the State of 密歇根!  点击这里 检讨我们的成本.   
  • SVSU encourages every student to complete the FAFSA during their senior year. 适用于2024-25年级新生申请者, the FAFSA will be opening in December and students can submit their FAFSA 在这里.  Once completed and a student is admitted to SVSU, financial aid offer letters from SVSU are mailed out beginning in March.  添加SVSU的学校代码: 002314.

  • SVSU提供超过100种不同的 学术项目 所以这里有适合每个人的东西! 
  • 如果你’re undecided about your major, don’t worry.  T在这里 is plenty of time to explore your interests and find out w在这里 your future path will take you. 如果你 want an 云顶国际 Representative to help you with this process, please contact us at admissions@free-mood.net.
  • 如果你 have specific questions about a major or minor, go right to the source! Our  “Ask the Experts” page will help you get in contact with a faculty member from your area of interest.  点击这里 to connect with someone in your department of interest.    

  • You can receive transfer credit for approved exams/coursework toward your degree at SVSU.
  • 点击这里 to review our AP, IB and CLEP credit policies.
  • 如果你 have taken dual-enrollment courses at another institution while attending high school, 点击这里 看看你的学分如何转移.  Courses need at least a C- letter grade or a 2.0的数字等级在4.0规模. 
  • 点击这里 to access our dual enrollment information.

  • SVSU welcomes students who have been enrolled in an Early or Middle College program.
  • 如果你 have completed courses in an Early or Middle College program prior to graduating with a high school diploma, you will still be considered an incoming freshman, 即使你正在完成13年级.
  • You may be granted upperclassman status based on the number of credits you are transferring in, but you will still be designated as an incoming freshman completing your first bachelor’s degree. 
  • 作为一名新生, you will still be eligible for freshman academic scholarships and financial aid opportunities.
  • You will be placed in freshman student housing, which is ranked #1 in the nation!  Please contact the 住房 Operations 办公室 at housing@free-mood.net or (989) 964-4255 to discuss your specific situation.
  • 初中部大学宣传册

  • View this map of 密歇根 to find your personal SVSU admissions representative assigned to your specific county.

           云顶国际 Representative Map by County (478KB)

  • 如果你 are from outside of the state of 密歇根, please contact your personal admissions representative, 梅林达 Grashuis, at magrashu@free-mood.net.  


  • 如果你已经完成了GED考试, please have your official score report sent directly to the SVSU 云顶国际办公室, along with any ACT/SAT results if you have them. 如果你从未参加过ACT/SAT考试, you will be required to successfully complete SVSU's Basic Skills Exams in order to gain admission to the University. 
  • Please schedule an appointment with our 云顶国际 Representative John Metiva by emailing jwmetiva@free-mood.net 或致电989-702-2093.

是的! To apply for the Honors Program, you must have a GPA of 3.9或以上. The Honors Program encourages you to develop life-long qualities, 比如好奇心和参与度, 通过给你研究的机会, 旅行和服务经历. You will participate in classes to help you develop a thesis project in your program of study to be presented at the end of your senior year. Honor’s housing is also offered to students admitted into the program. You can read more information about the program at free-mood.net/honorsprogram.

绝对. SVSU has programs of distinction based in academics, leadership, service, study abroad, 和更多的. You can explore programs such as Garber Cardinal Business Edge, 全球基金学者, 更多的是 free-mood.net/programsofdistinction.

SVSU offers freshman direct admission entry to select professional programs in Nursing and Occupational Therapy. 如果你有强烈的使命感, 优秀的学历, 以及对特定职业的奉献, a direct admission program will allow you, 作为一名新生, the opportunity to start immediately in your major. Our programs offer high quality instruction and hands-on skills-based training to provide you with the resources you need to pursue your passion right from the beginning of your freshman year. For details on the requirements for admission, please visit free-mood.net/directadmit.



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