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Alumni Stories

SVSU alums are doing amazing things in their lives; they have successful careers, thriving personal lives, and help to strengthen their communities. Below are just some of the examples of what amazing things SVSU alums are doing after they graduate.

Rachel LaBerge

May 2024

Rachel LaBerge author of A Lodge Affair, a romantic comedy, and A Love Letter to Those Who Left Me Behind, a full length poetry collection, has enjoyed writing since she was little. With her first published books coming this year, she’s learned much about writing and publishing a novel. One of the key things that’s helped set her up for success is connections from places like Bookstagram (Instagram account for books). You can purchase Rachel's books HERE.

Christine Macey

April 2024

Christine Macey is an Assistant US Attorney in the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia. She loved her time at SVSU and how it prepared her for her profession. She attended Georgetown Law School and has worked in DC as a federal prosecutor since 2012. She loves that her job is never dull, which helps sustain her during her long hours. If Christine could describe her time at SVSU in one word, it would be gratitude.


Andrea Rayl

April 2024

Andrea Rayl is an SVSU alumnae who graduated with a social work degree. She found her love for social work while at SVSU when she went on an Alternative Spring Break Trip. She works at the Bay Arenac Behavioral Health and loves it! She gets to work with kids and her amazing coworkers, who are a great support.

Megan Koch

April 2024

Megan is the Executive Director of Studio 23 in downtown Bay City. She graduated from SVSU with a major in history and a minor in art to complete her passion for art history. She loves meeting new people in the community and sharing local community members' work in Studio 23. When not working, you can find Megan enjoying downtown Bay City, camping, or enjoying delicious food with loved ones.

We know that you do amazing things, both personally and professionally, and we want to hear all about it. Whether you've landed your dream job, started your own business, or made a difference in your community, we want to celebrate your accomplishments and share your story with the world. We can't wait to hear from you!




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