Self Service Password Reset (SSPR)

For First Time Account Activation Only

If you have not yet used your SVSU account, please follow the steps below, to activate your account.

Complete the "Change Password" option using the following information

Username: SVSU username

Password: last 7 digits of SVSU ID number + birth date (#######MMDDYY)

Note: If you currently have a 6 digit Student ID number, please add a "0" to the front of your ID number to create a 7 digit ID number. (0######)

*Redirects to an authorized Microsoft page

Password Requirements

  • Use a pass-Phrase instead of a pass-Word.
    • A passphrase is a sentence you can more easily remember. i.e., StudyGroupPlan101!
  • Minimum length of 15 characters.
  • Maximum length of 64 characters.
  • Must include both lowercase and uppercase alphabetic characters.
  • Must include both numbers and symbols.
  • Avoid reusing part or all of a previous password. Cannot reuse the last 3 passwords.
  • Avoid SVSU related terms such as "Cardinal", "SVSU" or other common terms.

For the Password Change Policy please visit the Password Policy knowledge base article.

If you need help resetting your password, please call the IT Support Center at 989-964-4225 or Toll Free 866-827-4357 or visit them on the first floor of the Zahnow Library, do not send an email