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SVSU provides support to students and faculty who are actively involved in the registration process. From how to successfully register for a class to how to withdraw on good standing – the Office of the Registrar is SVSU's active guide in helping individuals navigate these somewhat unfamiliar waters.

There are multiple avenues that inform students on how best to proceed in regards to the registration process throughout their academic career. After reviewing the various resources via the Course Catalog and the SVSU website, any additional questions left unanswered may be addressed by the Office of the Registrar.

There are two ways to register:

  1. Online through the Self-Service feature in MySVSU, click on the drop down under "Academics", and then "Register for Classes".
  2. In-person at the Office of the Registrar, located on the first floor of Wickes Hall.

There could be multiple reasons why a student cannot register online:

  • It may not be the correct time to register. Please verify via Registration Dates and Times
  • There might be a hold on the student's account. Holds can be from academic advising, the student's major or minor department, financial services and so on.
  • If there is a prerequisite stopping the student from registering for the class. If this is the case, the student will need the instructor's permission to enter the class. The instructor will need to sign the registration form before it is submitted or s/he needs to send an email to this effect in advance to (The instructor can also email this to the student and the student can submit a copy to the Office of the Registrar). All emails must be sent from an SVSU email address. 

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at (989) 964-4085 for any further clarification or assistance.

The registration dates and times for each semester are outlined in the Registration Dates and Times page.

*Important Note: Registration time is determined by the total credits completed and does not include credits "in-progress" or credits for courses numbered below the 100 level (i.e. Math 082, English 080 and so on). Officially evaluated transfer credits are included in a student's completed credits. Students will not be allowed to register before their scheduled registration time. New undergraduate students must register through a new student program. Please contact Admissions at (989) 964-4200 for more information. New graduate, teacher certification and current freshman students who have zero credits completed should follow the appropriate alphabetical schedule. 

Students can look up class offerings by going to, clicking on the Quicklinks at the top of the page and then clicking on Course Lookup

If a student is already registered for class(es), they can add classes with the instructor's permission during the first two weeks of the new semester. The instructor can approve the late add by signing an official registration form or in an email using her/his SVSU email account. If using an email, students must register in person with the paper copy of the email. For calendar-specific deadlines, including spring/summer, please see the Important Semester Dates calendar. 

Online course withdrawal form, click here (MFA required).


If a student has financial aid, then it is strongly recommended that they talk to a financial aid advisor before they drop any courses. 

*International Students and Athletes need a signature from an advisor in International Programs or Athletics before withdrawing from a class. 

Courses can only be dropped online or in-person for a 100% refund until that last business day of late registration (last day of the first week of classes). These dates will be shorter during the spring and summer semesters, please see the Important Semester Dates.

Financial refunds are not available after the last day to withdraw with a 25% refund. Please see the Important Semester Dates for withdrawal refund dates.

Withdrawals after the no refund date are possible until the end of the withdrawal period. After the close of the withdrawal window, instructors will assign grades as appropriate at the end of the semester.

Also, please note that if a course withdrawal results in a course schedule that is less than 12 credits, your financial aid will likely be affected.  If this is the case, and you are receiving financial aid, please confer with the Campus Financial Services Center before withdrawing from any classes: 964-4900 or

It is the student’s responsibility to officially withdraw from a course within the deadlines posted on the Important Semester Dates calendar.  Not attending class or telling a professor about the intention to withdraw will not substitute for this obligation.

For more information on withdrawing from classes, please look at our Withdrawal policies

For more information on the payment due date please see, Payment Due Dates.

In the event of a student's death, usually, the student's family will contact the university. Such information should be conveyed to the Office of the Registrar with documentation (e.g. obituary) and the student will be withdrawn from all classes.

An entry will be made into the student database after notification.

Refunds should be implemented automatically. For more information, see Refund of Tuition and Fees in the Campus Financial Service Center. For any questions please contact the Campus Financial Services Center at or (989) 964-4900.  

Guest students cannot register using student planner because there is no plan set up for them. Guest students needs to register using the course catalog function or by emailing

*IT and office support will be unavailable during the weekends and holiday breaks. 

Waitlisting Courses

Being waitlisted does not guarantee registration. Students are notified by their SVSU email at anytime if a spot opens for the course they are waitlisted for. Students will have a 48 hour window from that email notification to login and complete the registration. If no action is taken or the registration is not completed in the time allowed the opportunity is forfeit. If that happens you may add yourself to the waitlist again. The waitlist is run on an automated system. 

Follow the normal registration steps at, self-service, registration, register/drop sections, and if a waitlist exists you will be asked if you want to add yourself to the list. Acknowledge and save. 

Check your SVSU email regularly for possible updates as to when you can register for a waitlisted class. You have 48 hours to register once you are notified. 

You can email using your SVSU email address and request to be manually added to the waitlisted course. We will need to know the semester, course numer and section number. 

If you have not taken care of the registration hold and are notified that you can be added to the class, you will not be able to do so on your own. You will need the permission of the office who placed the hold on your account, and then we will need to manually register you with the approval. 

It is the student's responsibility to take care of their registration hold before they are notified that they can register for the waitlisted class. As a reminder, if you they cannot take care of this within the 48 hour window the spot will go to the next person in line. 

You must contact the professor of the course and ask for their approval to be added to the waitlist and/or register for the course without the pre-requisite. Professor must state they they are "waiving the pre-requisite". 

You will need to provide the Registrar's Office ( the approval from the instructor and we will need to manually add you to the waitlist and/or register you for the course. 

There can be a few things causing this trouble:

  • You might have a registration hold on your account. For example, an outstanding balance hold. If you have a hold, you will need to work with the office that placed this hold or ask for their approval to register. 
  • You might have a time conflict between that class and another one on your schedule. 
  • You might have a missing pre-requisite for the class. 
  • You might be trying to register when registration is closed for IT System updates.
    • Hours:
      • Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 10:59PM
      • Saturday from 8:00AM - 9:59PM
      • Sunday from 1:00PM - 10:59PM

You will need to email us ( or stop by the office so we can manually register you for the course. Students will not be able bypass the pre-requisite and/or hold on their own. 

Students must provide us with the approvals before the expiration of the waitlist notification. 

An approved course petition does not automatically equate the waiving of a pre-requisite for different course.

We will have to verify your record to make sure you can be added to the waitlist and/or register for the next course. Please send us an email ( from your SVSU email address stating the semester, course number and section number of the course in question. 

If the two classes are listed as co-requisites they must be taken concurrently. Therefore, if you are waitlisted for one (registration is not a guarantee) you must ask for instructor's permission in order to bypass the co-requisite hold. You will need to provide us with the approval and we can register you manually. 

If a class you are trying to waitlist/register for causes a time conflict, you must request approval from both instructors in order to be added to the waitlist and/or register for the classes. 

You will have to provide us with the approvals and we will manually register you. 

Special Approval Instructions

Sometimes students cannot register on their own and they need special approval from instructors in order to be registered. Below is a list of common examples of when students need registration approval. 

*When a student receives these approvals, they will need to submit them to the Registrar's Office so they can be manually registered. 

Request TypeApprover
Time Conflict Both Professors
Pre-requisite and/or co-requisite Professor
JR/SR Standing  Professor, Department Chair and/or Dean's Office
Credit overload (over full-time) Dean of major
Third time taking a class Dean of the course


Office of the Registrar
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