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SVSU ID - TheCARD Frequently Asked Questions

Students living on-campus will be given their I.D. card at housing check-in.  Students living off campus and attending FRESH START will be provided their I.D. card at that time.  All others may get their I.D. at Campus Financial Services Center, Wickes 131-A.

Immediately notify Campus Financial Services Center (CFSC) by telephone (989) 964-4900 or in-person at Wickes 131-A. Once notified, your card will be suspended.  If you locate your card prior to having a new card issued, contact CFSC.  A replacement card can be purchased for $16. If leaving a message, please include your name and a daytime telephone number.

While your card provides a link to your flex or meal plan accounts; no value is stored on your card. If you lose your card, or it becomes demagnetized, your account is not lost. However, it is important that you report lost or stolen cards immediately to prevent unauthorized use of your card.

eAccounts is a Blackboard Transact online portal that allows users to manage their campus card accounts.  Cardholders can add money to their Flex and declining balance meal plan accounts using a credit card, view account activity and manage their card.  Login using your SVSU userid and password.  There is also the ability for a guest to make a deposit to one of the campus accounts.  All that is required is the SVSU ID number.

No. Your copy of TheCARD is strictly for your use ONLY. Your I.D. card will be confiscated and a fine will be issued for allowing others to use your card.

TheCARD uses three types of technology. On the back of the I.D. card is a barcode for use in the library, a magnetic swipe for meal plans and flex accounts, and a proximity antenna inside the I.D. for door access.

  • Do not punch a hole in TheCARD
  • Do not use your I.D. as an ice scraper
  • Do not wash and/or dry TheCARD
  • Magnetic fields can demagnetize its magnetic stripes.  Protect The CARD by keeping it away from computers, cell phones, TVs, stereo equipment, microwaves and other magnetic devices

You can view and buy meal plans at Dining Services.

You will lose privileges to use TheCARD at the end of the drop/add period in the fourth consecutive semester in which you do not register (spring and summer terms serve as one semester for purposes of this policy).  You will lose Ryder Center access using TheCARD the start of the first fall or winter semester in which you do not register.


Campus Financial Services Center
Wickes Hall 131A
(989) 964-4900

Scholarships & Financial Aid
Wickes Hall 141
(989) 964-4900

Office of the Registrar
Wickes Hall 151
(989) 964-4085